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Para-diethyl benzene

P-di-ethylbenzene is the specialty chemical, its main usage is as a desorbent of producing Para-xylene in Parex process and Fluxy process.
  • In addition to obtaining nine international patents in eight countries, the technique of this production further was rewarded with the First National Invention Award of the Republic of China in 1992.
  • There are two grades for this product: TSD-980 and TSD-990 with the purities of 98% and 99% respectively. Which are produced by highly selective disproportionation reaction of ethyl benzene.
  • This product has been adopted by factories producing para-xylence both domestically and abroad. Numbers of customers has exceeded ten presently.
Molecular Weight
134.22 g/mole
Specific gravity
0.8662 @ 20℃
Transparent liquid
Aromatic hydrocarbon odor
Insoluble in water
Freezing/Melting Point
- 4.3℃
Boiling Point
Vapor Pressure
1 mmHg @ 20℃
Autoignition Temp
430 ℃
Flash Point
56 ℃
Storage tanks should have high purity nitrogen to seal with. Because even ppm level of oxygen in tanks contact with PDEB would cause the carbonyl number increase rapidly.
UN No.
Purity wt% 99.0 min. ( for TSD-990)
C9 Aromatics & Lights wt% 0.5 max
Other C10 Alkylbenzene wt% Balance
C11 Aromatics & Heavies wt% 0.5 max
Total Sulfur wt-ppm 1.0 max
Total Nitrogen wt-ppm 1.0 max
Total Chloride wt-ppm 1.0 max
Carbonyl No. mg/l 2.0 max(53 drum);1.0 max(ISOTANK)
Bromine Index mg/100g 5 max
Color APHA 10 max
Specific Gravity (20/4℃) 0.863 ±0.003